WHS  - Work Health and Safety

At Drillpower QLD and SJ Drilling, we value the health and wellbeing of our employees, client, contractor and any visitors to site.  We are committed to responsible management practices and our objective is a workplace free from incident, injury and adverse environmental impact. All field operations are carried out under documented on Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and are monitored and assessed to ensure the safest possible working environment for our employees, clients, contractors and the general public.

Drillpower QLD has undergone an external audit of all our drilling equipment (including the excavator) and Intergrated Management Systems in relation to working on Petroleum and Gas sites amongst others. The audit was based on the highest standards of best practice and legislation across the industry. We receieved very positive feedback with all our equipment passing with flying colours.

Company Policy


Drillpower QLD is committed to the provision of a safe and environmentally responsive workplace and a safe working environment for all personnel.

Drillpower QLD’s objective is to collectively work towards the prevention of all failure events that cause harm to the environment, injury and or disease to our employees and subcontractors and to be seen as an industry leader, in our performance.

The Drillpower QLD team are committed to developing an Intergrated Management System that is tied to our Corporate Quality System and that fosters participation, commitment and continual improvement by our employees and of our subcontractors to achieve the above objectives.

One of the selection criteria of all of our employees, consultants and subcontractors will be based on their attitude, standard and commitment to safety of everyone and to the protection of the environment.

Subcontractors and consultants alike will be required to comply with the health, safety and environmental procedures in all their operations. No business objective takes precedence over the health and safety of our people and to the protection of the environment.

Drillpower QLD employees will accept responsibility for environmental protection, health and safety of all employees involved in any of our projects and aim to achieve a standard of health, safety and environmental management in the workplace of which we can be proud.

This policy will be reviewed in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders as required.

In particular, Drillpower QLD will demonstrate their commitment by complying with relevant legislation applicable to the area of their activities.

Employees must also recognise and acknowledge their obligations and responsibilities to Workplace Health and Safety by providing a positive contribution to health and safety for themselves and others at the workplace.

This policy and associated procedures will be reviewed on a continuing basis.

Maintenance Program

At Drillpower QLD and SJ Drilling we understand the importance of reliability to your business which is why we have developed a strict maintenance program.  We provide our clients with the peace of mind that the equipment has been maintained to maximise reliability and operator safety.  We understand that down time costs money so reliability is the key to success.

All our vehicles – drill rigs and support vehicles have been bought up to a high standard of safety to comply with many strict site requirements- for example, emergency stops on all vehicles including a remote emergency stop, isolation points, hand rails around all platforms and walk ways.

(The following has been take from our IMS)

Equipment Maintenance
  • Maintenance and repair of plant will be in accordance with procedures recommended by the designer, manufacturer or supplier (or a competent person)
  • The necessary facilities or systems of work will be provided for the safety of maintenance personnel
  • A competent person will assess and provide advice on damaged plant, and will repair, inspect and test work
  • All personnel performing maintenance will follow safe work practices.
  • During maintenance, cleaning and repair, plant will be stopped and isolated and devices, controls or safe systems of work used to safeguard maintenance personnel.
  • Records of all maintenance conducted are to be kept on file, Plant Service Form. 
  • All staff will report faulty or damaged equipment on the Hazard Report Form
  • The Senior Management and Supervisors will discuss commonly occurring equipment and machinery faults as part of the maintenance program.
Defect Reporting

Drillpower QLD maintains a system for the reporting and management of equipment defects (physical and operations). The defect reporting system will include provision for review and follow-up to make certain appropriate steps are taken to protect employees from injury and equipment from further damage. To support this, Drillpower QLD will ensure:

  • All plant will be inspected prior to use
  • Employees will report defects immediately to the drill rig supervisor
  • An “Out of Service” tag will be attached to plant when defects cannot be immediately corrected.
  • The drill rig supervisor will ensure that defects are rectified by an appropriately qualified person.

Maintenance records for any or all of our vehicles can be provided on request.

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