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Drillpower QLD has rigs capable of drilling to over 400m – ideal for shallower exploration drilling, quarry drilling and associated environmental monitoring investigations.

Our rigs are mine compliant, fitted with IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System) and are rigourously maintained to the highest standard to ensure the safety of our staff and those working with us.

Our drillers have years of experience working on exploration sites and take great care and pride in their work.

We can offer the following:

  • Chip sampling
  • Rotary air / rotary mud
  • NQ, HQ, PQ coring, 4C
  • Installation and development of monitoring wells

Depending on your requirements we can either provide the rigs to site for your instruction and direction or provide additional professional services to supervise and manage the field investigation.

We can also provide access creation and clearing, drill pad creation, excavation of mud pits and site rehabilitation if needed.

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